Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy Christmas and New Year

Hello I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I had a quiet Christmas at home this year but have been very busy.

I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to take the plunge and set up a website finally and sell my hand crafted items online. I was going to do this before Christmas but have been so busy knitting and getting things ready like designing the website and taking photos etc. that it had to be put back so I have now decided to launch the website in APRIL 2012. If you have time please feel free to have a look I'm starting off small but will be adding items as and when they are finished. I am starting by selling hand knitted items for baby, children and adults and homewares like cushion covers etc. and I will also be sewing some material cushion covers and eventually I will be doing cross stitched items.

I will post here what its like to start a business so many people want to do it but never take the plunge and I decided that if I can help by writing about all the ups and downs then it may encourage others. At the moment I work part-time as an employee but as from APRIL 2012 I will have to register as self employed too. So once my website is live I will be informing the tax man that I have gone self-employed first and will let you know how I go on. Shaking with anticipation the words tax and man and forms fills me with dread but hey how hard can it be? otherwise there wouldn't be so many people out there trying it would there.

My website is going to be called Oodles of Stitches and can be found at So I'm busy just finishing off my website before the big reveal (biting nails anxiously).

Early Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Debbie Bliss

Last week I went to see Debbie Bliss who was doing a book signing at The Black Sheep Craft Barn in Warrington. As its not too far away from me I decided to go as I have never met her before. Its not often you get to meet people you see in the magazines and books and the people behind the wools and yarns.

What a lovely lady. She spoke to me for ages and described the yarns and had some samples to touch and look at and try on. As I am a larger size I thought as all us larger girls do well they look very nice but no thanks I won't try them on as I know you don't do it in my size. Anyway after some persuasion I tried on a 34 inch bust shrug and it fitted. Believe me I am a plus plus size so couldn't believe it and the shaping was great. Actually Debbie was explaining to me that although the sizes in the book say 34 bust etc. when you see the actual measurements you soon realise that the shrug although oversized on a 34 bust will fit a larger size but as a fitted garment.
Well there was no stopping me I was like a kid in a sweet shop by then trying on quite a few clothes, a couple of jumpers and cardigans all of which fitted and the shaping was great. I would probably need to go up one size in a couple but Debbie opened my eyes at looking at the patterns. She was so lovely to talk to and so was her daughter who was also with her. I ended up deciding to treat myself for once to a book to knit myself a jacket now just need to save up for the wool although not cheap is beautiful and will last and because of the shaping of the pattern if I do lose weight then it will just go back to being oversized well I say if don't hold your breath although I have lost 2 stone in the last few months. Not really trying it just disappeared somewhere along the line.

If you are ever in the area you should try going along to The Black Sheep Craft Barn in Warrington its a great place with wools, needles, accessories, cross stitch. Loads of yarns and I mean loads of yarns to cater for all pockets. The staff a lovely too. They usually doe some of the knitting and stitching exhibitions around the country so you may see them at these.

See you soon.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Knitted cushion cover

Hello I've been busy of late with life etc. so have been neglecting the blog a bit. I just wanted to show my first hand knitted cushion cover. It fastens at the back with poppers. I hadn't designed it this way but originally it was to be an envelope fasten at the back but when the pad went in it needed to be pulled together slightly and it was to late for buttonholes so I decided on the poppers design feature!! lol. The flowers I knitted are the pattern I gave earlier in my blog and look really nice and just give it a bit of dimension. I was really pleased so think I shall be designing a few more.

I have also knitted another dress set in a lovely lustre white colour and am knitting a dungaree set in a lovely blue colour with an intarsia monkey face on the front bib so will post piccies when I have finished it. Just the jumper that goes underneath to do.

I don't know whether you have been on this site before It used to be a cardmaking site that sells decoupage etc. patterns to download but it now also does knitting, crochet and cross stitch patterns. They are great patterns some unusual scarf and necklaces as well as baby clothes and toys etc. I have only bought some baby patterns but there is loads to look at on the site and forums and games to.

I usually knit in acrylic wool. One reason is cost, the other being it is easily machine washable for babies but I have been looking at the lovely merino wools and am tempted although it would cost a lot more but the feel is absolutely lovely. I have been looking on the internet and have seen a site called The prices are really cheap so I think I will be doing a bit of shopping there too. Unfortunately it wasn't me who won the lottery of 162 million this week so I will have to wait until next pay day lol!!

I have also bought some knitting books while I have been away from blogland one being Knitting Block by Block by Nicky Epstein. You can see it on Amazon. A truly amazine book. Great for blanket designing and ideas. It gives loads of squares and designs that you can do listing the pattern so you can change the colours etc. and mix and match.

I have also bought blankets and throws by Debbie Abrahams. I had seen the pattern for a seaside blanket on ebay and really loved it and found out by chance that it was from the book. There are lots of blanket styles and patterns. Once again a great book for looking and knitting blankets. I do believe there as been a second book so am saving up.

I've also been looking at lots of blogs again for inspiration. Probably spending too much time but hey it gives me a break. A nice cuppa a bit of chocolate and a lot of blog watching - I'm in heaven, sad I know but it makes me happy although to be honest anything including chocolate makes me happy. I am trying to - ah hem - lose some weight. I have to be fairI have lost about a stone and a half up to now but am struggling a bit at the moment not so much going of the rails but more of a train crash. Still I'm trying to get back to eating healthily tomorrow no diet just eating less and no rubbish - hmm does cake count if it is made out of wholesome ingredients? maybe not cue chicken and veg.

Oh and just before I go I am joining in handmade monday which is a list of bloggers who all join together so please pop along to have a look at all the lovely blogs. They are really great just click here:

So ta ta for now hope you enjoy the piccies.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My latest creation

Well its been a while again. Its been a really busy time and I just haven't stopped knitting. First of all I have applied for four craft fairs this year, two I have been picked for and the other two I am just waiting to hear. I can't wait as I haven't done a craft fair before with my knitting. I hope it goes down well. Since I found out though I have been knitting like mad as it takes a while for the baby sets so although I have a few weeks it isn't really that much time. Still I will put the details of where they are nearer the time and will take some piccies and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Someone saw the bunny suit all in one that I had knitted and asked if I could knit them a suit but like a sleeping bag and not bunny ears but with bear ears and in a blue/grey colour. I finally found a good colour at a knitting shop which was like a goldmine once I had found it. It turns out that its run by the wife of one of the local market traders that I have known for years where I buy lots of my buttons. Anyway they wanted the pattern slightly different from the one they showed me on the internet so I had to alter, not done too much altering of a pattern before especially as this was all cabled but just crossed my fingers and got the calculator out!! Anyway it turned out ok and I was pleased that the button band did actually meet and the pattern matched on both sides. So heres a picture and the suit in question will soon be on its way to its new owner (who hasn't been born yet).

I am knitting more tea pot covers and cushion covers and lots more baby hats so the needles will be clicking late into the night for some time I think.

I was thinking of going to some car boots but every sunday it seems to rain. How does that work I wonder its nice through the week when you are working and then rains at the weekend when you are off. Still I could have gone to the X Factor auditions in manchester this weekend instead as it was raining but I didn't want to put the judges through the pain lol.

The gardens growing well now with lovely foxgloves that my husband has seeded and planted they are a treat. I'll have to take some pictures to show you. He's very proud of his plants a gardener in the making I think. I'm more a look at it gardener than a get stuck in gardener. I like to sit in the garden but not weed it lol!!

Well time to make lunch and do some cleaning and then back to knitting. Hubby is becoming a knitting widower I think.

See you soon.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Create and Craft and Knitting and Stitching Shows

Hello, I've been watching create and craft quite a bit lately. I used to watch it a lot when I did my cardmaking but when I gave this up as I wanted a change I stopped watching until I saw by chance that there was a sewing show on a few months back. This started me wanting to get my sewing machine out (from the dark depths of the boxroom) to make some cushion covers although I haven't finished them yet - keep meaning to but keep getting side tracked.

Anyway a few weeks ago I started seeing adverts saying that create and craft are doing knitting and stitching shows so have been watching quite a lot. Although I am quite an experienced knitter (too many years to mention) I do like to see the shows and have been watching hayley showing knitting kits and wools and patterns. The other day she was showing union jack cushions and this mornings show at 8am was with tea pot covers. They were lovely and even though I know patterns for tea pot covers these stitched patterns were so nice I was severely tempted. At the moment the post and packaging is free for sewing and knitting items on the shows until May 15th and also they are crediting your account with a £5 voucher if you buy any knitting and stitching items so maybe its worth a look on the website there are loads of things.

There have also been shows on called extreme knitting and crocheting with massive needles and crochet hooks so that you can do rugs and bedspreads and cushion covers using only a few rows and several strands of wool. Looks loads of fun and something I would love to try.

I saw a show the other week with Jane Greenoff for cross stitching which I also do and she was showing a computer program that you can make your own cross stitch patterns with. She also had some lovely kits but even I have to admit that I have more cross stitch kits to sew than I have years left!! so daren't buy anymore.

I also learnt yesterday that the knitting and stitching show that is usually on in September at the Gmex in Manchester is now moving the event centre which is opposite the Trafford Centre and I believe there is going to be free parking so I will definitely be going to that this year. I haven't been the last few years due to the traffic in manchester and the parking fees but this is nearer to me and I am thinking of perhaps shopping as Asda that week and while going past shout to hubby oh look theres a stitching show on can we have a quick look - a bit devious but hey needs must. By the way you can borrow my devious idea if you live locally - I don't mind just don't tell anyone where you got it from lol!!

I've also been knitting like crazy as I would like to sell at craft fairs etc. but don't have enough stock yet so am building it up. I've tried different things which in all the years I haven't knitted before. Believe it or not one was a scarf. I've also knitted my very first tea cosy and am at present knitting a cushion cover with flowers on. I've also just finished my second bunny all in one this time in brown with cable patterning. Hope you like the pictures.

The flowers on the tea pot are really easy to do
just cast on 80 stitches on 4.5mm needles and dk wool
knit one row,
purl one row,
3rd row knit two together all across row,
4th row is purl,
5th row is knit two together across row again,
6th row is purl,
7th row is knit two together across row (10 stitches)
then cast off purlwise.

Then all you do is roll the knitting with the knit side on the outside and sew at the bottom through the layers to keep in place. I've now started putting flowers on everything lol!!

I have also been sorting out some cottons on a cross stitch kit so will get to that too soon and will show some piccies when Ihave done a bit. That will be a work in progress.

Apparently there is a new magazine out next week called molly makes which is all about crafting, so I may try it to see what its like. If I buy I will let you know what I think. The price is £4.99 but then all the mags seem to be charging that nowadays. Its a shame they can't be a bit cheaper.

Anyway back to the knitting and the housework!

See you soon.


Friday, 25 March 2011

Hats, Hats, Hats


Well as promised I have piccies of my hats and a lilac baby set that I have been knitting recently. The patterns are from The sizes that can be made are from 0-3 months right up to 1-2 years. There are also loads of baby patterns on this site to for knitting and crochet. The pattern was really easy to knit and the instructions were great. They were quick to knit up but instead of using buttons for eyes I decided to knit mine and sew them and I stuffed the ears to make them stand up easily too. I got so carried away that I have already knitted 6 of these hats!

Its handmade monday at once again. I haven't done this for a couple of weeks as have been so busy finishing things off that I haven't had time for photographing. This week along with the list of crafters wendy also talks about the great british craft bazaar that has been on this weekend. I was hoping to go along myself to meet some crafters from the craft forum but unfortunately have spent the weekend still looking for a washing machine and a dryer. Washing by hand is bringing back nostalgic memories but to be honest I'd rather not be having them lol!! Anyway hope you enjoy looking at everyones blogs.

See you soon.


Craft Fair at Brookside Garden Centre Stockport

Just over a week ago I saw that there was a craft fair on at Brookside Garden Centre in Stockport. As its not too far away I decided to go and have a look. I have been to this garden centre before and its great if you have children as there is a miniature railway that runs around the garden centre and its quite realistic with a bridge and a little set of crossings all really cute. I say its great for the children if you go but I did count more adults on the miniature train than children!! hmm reliving childhood. I was tempted myself but managed to contain myself although I may have a go next time lol!! There are a few piccies at the top of the train and a little signal box.

Anyway to the craft fair which is why I went in the first place. I have been thinking about selling my knitwear at maybe a craft fair which is why I went along as well as the fact that I love to see what crafters make. I don't have any pictures unfortunately but the crafts were varied and were absolutely lovely and also there were fudge and sweet tables. There was a lovely stall that sold wooden letters that you could use for bedroom doors and you could have any colour and combination made. There were a couple of knitting stalls one with baby clothes and one with knitted animals, there were jewellery stalls but believe it or not there were no card stalls. I was really surprised as I had originally gone there to buy a card and there are usually lots of card stalls. It was a lovely craft fair under a big marquee and looked well organised and there were plenty of people walking around so I hope the crafters made a few sales. All in all I was very impressed to may think about doing some in the future although it won't be quite yet as I'm now saving pennies as my dryer broke the other week and then the washing machine broke this week believe it or not and then had problems with my lights in the kitchen. Well they say it comes in threes so I hope thats my lot for a while lol!

I have also been busy knitting and have finished a lilac dress set with hat and stockings and have also been knitting some hats in the form of frog, pig, panda, puppy so will post piccies soon.

See you soon.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Baby Set

Hello, well I've finally sewn up my pink and white baby set. It has little stocking leggings, a pinafore, a white jumper and a hat. It is knitted in double knitting acrylic wool so is easily washable. Sewing in the ends was a labour of love but I do like the striped leggings. The hat has a ribbon trim that can be tied to tighten to fit.

I'm now sewing up the same set but in a lilic and white colour combination.

I went to Ikea on Saturday for some more material for when I start sewing some cushions. It wasn't the usual Ikea that we have been to before and this one was huge. Is was so big we got lost! lol Anyway after using my pathfinding skills we found the material section. A few of the ones I wanted weren't stocked so was a bit disappointed but the material I did get was very reasonably priced and feels really good quality. It was novel having to cut my own pieces, not done that before. After having the material weighed and priced the girl said we just had to take it to the tills. Easier said than done lol!! After what seemed like a 26 mile marathon and three floors we finally found the tills lol. I loved loads of the items in there but was definately all shopped out by the time we reached the exit.! I've seen two lovely book shelves that I want in pine to go in my new craftroom.

Hubby said that I can have the back bedroom instead of the boxroom that I have at present because well as a crafter I am sure you will understand there is just not enough room in my boxroom. He says that he will put all his games and videos in the boxroom instead. So now I want to redecorate the back bedroom add a couple of bookcases, get rid of the single bed in there which is not used anymore and maybe put a daybed in there. Well I can dream for now as I will have to save the pennies up first. Anyway the big move is this weekend hopefully so I will have more room to set up my sewing machine.

Hope you like the piccies.

See you soon. Craftchick

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cat Baby Set

Hello again above is my finished baby set, finally done the sewing up!

I've been busy today doing the sewing up of my little cat/tiger baby set. It has been knitted in double knit wool white and grey and consists of cardigan, trousers, boottees and hat. The hat has little cat ears on it. The pattern is from who does lovely patterns for dolls and babies. Its taken ages for me to do mainly because I have put it to one side as I hate the sewing up part! Anyway I told myself that I should get on and jolly well finish it today - actually I used it as therapy as my dryer broke this morning - lucky me not - so spent the morning looking at dryers and prices and when they can be delivered. Needless to say my washing is now on an airer stand at the moment until I get a dryer. I'd forgotten what it was like not to have a dryer. Still on the positive side its saving me money on electric lol!!

I'm now going to do more sewing up a two little pinafore sets, one is in a bright pink and one in a lilac colour they each have a pinafore type dress with a little jumper and stockings. Loads of ends to sew in so I'm going to have to grit my teeth on that one. So more piccies soon.

Anyway its time for the handmade monday at again, the weeks just seem to be flying by this year, so please use the link and have a look as loads of crafters are joining in. Its a great and easy way of having lots of different craft blogs to look at all in one place.

Off to make tea now hmmm lasagne tonight me thinks.

See you soon Craftchick.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Cushions DVD Arrived Yipppee!!

The cushions dvd from Debbie Shore has arrived. Well it actually arrived yesterday. I had just put the dishes in the sink to soak for a few minutes when the postman arrived. Realising it was the dvd I rushed to the door and ripped open the envelope lol!!

I put it in my computer and thought I'll just have a quick look - well an hour and a half later I was still watching and the pots were still in the sink!. Its a brilliant dvd. Loads of little tips and in plain english no posh sewing terms that I don't understand. Its given me loads of ideas so have spent the last few days looking on the internet at material. Its been quite a while since I bought some material and my haven't the prices increased. I used to pay the price for a fat quarter and received a metre in my day. Anyway went onto the trusty old auction site and have bought some material to get me started. I have decided to do a simple envelope cushion. Don't run before you can walk I'm thinking so zips are out for the moment.

Hope to receive the stuff next week to once done I'll post some pictures. Have also been looking at pin cushions too as there will be scraps and have been asking on the sewing forum what would be the best filling. I've had a few answers of sand etc. If anyone wants to leave any ideas I would be grateful.

Well I'm off to finish tea now we eat late here due to work commitments and I'd better not let it burn again!!

See you soon.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hello, thanks to all the crafters out there who have had a look at my website this week. Its nice when people appreciate what you do.

I look at a crafts forum quite a lot and saw one of the crafters (wendy) who is doing a handmade monday on her blog at where crafters can put a link on her blog and people can have a look at all the different items and blogs and what other crafters are up to. As I'm a bit of a technophobe I got it wrong (a typo I think very embarrasing as I have been a typist for 30 years eeek!!!) but lovely wendy emailed me to sort me out lol!! Thanks to wendy and I have now learnt how to link as well!.

I hope you take the time to have a look at her blog its really good and has links to lots of crafters so there is loads to look at. Also I have just seen that she is appealing for any information on her granddaughters stolen rabbit. Please pop along to see if you can help. Its awful to think that people can steal family pets knowing that it will distress the children living there.

On a crafting note I'm still waiting for my cushions dvd (2 days) being a bit impatient lol. How many of us crafters out there I wonder order something and want it yesterday because they are so excited - is it just me who is like a little child thinking its Christmas or does anyone else feel like that? Hoping it comes in the next few days so I can start.

And lastly, I'm still sewing up the little tiger suit so it shouldn't be long now before I have some piccies.

See you soon.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Hello I have just popped in to show you a couple of pics that I have taken of some gloves that I made for a lady. She liked my navy blue gloves and asked if I could make her a couple of pairs, one she wanted using browns and oranges and the other pair anything goes so here they are.

I was watching create and craft last Thursday actually I was looking to see when the next knitting shows were on and as I turned on a programme with Debbie Shore was just starting showing her dvds for sewing. I am not big on sewing as I used to see it as a chore mainly because my mum was a tailoress and I used to see her sewing at home all the time as a job but I was really inspired so much so that I have bought one of her dvds for making cushions. I thought maybe I should dust off the old sewing machine and do some cushions for my front room. She also has dvds for roman blinds and curtains and one all about sewing machines so might be building my dvd collection up. Anyway can't wait to receive it in the post.

Whilst on air debbie gave out her website address and I think its really worth looking at its There are sewing tips, a forum and some links too and it looks as though debbie pops in quite often to the forum herself to help answer questions etc. You should watch out for her shows on create and craft I can't wait for the next one as I find it leaves me wanting to get out my sewing machine straight away and start having a go! lol. At this rate hubby is going to think I'm becoming a domestic goddess!

I've not been doing too much knitting of baby outfits in the last few weeks as I have been knitting the gloves above. They are knitted in double knit wool and are done on straight needles and are fairly straight forward to knit but are time consuming when sewing up especially the rainbow coloured pair. Different colour for different lines. So glad they are done now as sewing up is the only part of knitting something I don't like.

I've also sent off for a collection called The Art of Knitting. Its one of those series things that you get every week and teaches you how to knit and has patterns and free wool etc. I started on The Art of Crochet last year. Its great, it gets delivered every month and when binders are due they send them too although the price for them is added on. Its not the cheapest of things to buy as there are a lot of magazines in the series but I enjoy it as although I've been knitting for ages there is always something you can learn or a different way of doing things that you never thought of.

Anyway enough warbling for now. See you soon.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Quiet Sunday At Home

Well as the heading says its been a quiet weekend for a change. In fact I've not even been out of the house! I've been busy knitting and spent loads of time looking on ravelry and at peoples blogs. You think I'll just have a quick look and before you know it three hours have gone by. I've seen some lovely things on the net on peoples blogs and on ravelry especially some toy patterns.

I've also started watching create and craft again. I used to watch it when I did cardmaking but stopped when I finished my papercrafting. Then I saw an advert that they were doing knitting shows so I have started tuning in once again. If they are on in a morning I watch on my freeview and if its in the afternoon I watch on my computer. Its lovely to actually see knitting on the tv although they don't teach techniques etc you can see the books and whats in them and also the wool up close. Some of its really nice. I am thinking of maybe joining the club again to get my 10% off items for the knitting. They have also been showing loom knitting which looks quite interesting too.

I'm making progress on my tiger suit and am on the trousers at the moment. So loads of sewing up will need to be done soon. Thats the bit I hate. I much prefer the knitting to the sewing up and finishing off. Still you can't have one without the other.

Oh well I suppose I can't put it off any longer I need to go and do the tea and some housework lol! See you soon.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

No change there then!!

Well its been a while again. Quite a while in fact but I have been busy and have lots of knitting candy for you to have a look at. Finally a picture of the sailor suit with a hat I was warbling on about way back in August last year and some other items I have since knitted. I'm still busy trying to get rid of my cardmaking stuff. Its slowly selling very slowly but its going for next to nothing these days which breaks my heart when I know what I've paid for items - anyway at least someone else is getting a massive bargain.

I've not been to any shows of late back playing up a bit so haven't been as mobile but am thinking of going to the g-mex at the beginning of February this year as its not far away so hopefully will be able to get there. I was thinking of going to the knitting show in Harrogate but with all the bad weather decided against it. Its a long drive and the weather that weekend wasn't too good.

Anyway here is my first picture. Its of the sailor suit, hat and bootees I finally finished last year after getting the last button - I was very lucky there. So here it is.

Then I knitted a sailor dress in navy and white with pleats on the skirt part also in double knit.

Then there is the little trouser and jacket set with hat. I've never made tassels before even after all these years so it was good to learn and now that I realise how easy they are will probably be putting tassels on everything lol!

Then I knitted a white dress set like the previous coloured ones with
roses on the dress as below

and then I decided I needed a change from the baby clothes and decided to go into toilet roll covers. I found some knitting in lace that I have had for years in a lovely rainbow colour. Having not knitted one before I didn't realise again how easy they are to do although I did have to revise up on the knitting in lace until I realised how to knit with it again.
Then the awful weather set in and as usual I couldn't find my gloves. Every year I buy a pair and every year I put them away carefully for the next year and yes you've guessed it the next thing they have disappeared! So I thought well I've loads of patterns must have one for gloves so had a look at an accessories book and hey presto found one for fingerless mittens and full mittens so knitted them with some leftover wool and then I knitted a hat to go with them and had just enough wool to finish them.

So thats it in a nutshell for now plenty of pictures of knitting with plenty of different colours.

Both hubby and I have had a quiet Christmas and New Year and I'm back at work on Tuesday. It seems to go so fast every year. So onward into the year ahead. Hopefully it will be a better one - a lottery win would be nice (dream on) but you never know. I'm sure I will be back with plenty more knitting soon hopefully it won't be 6 months this time but like I said in the heading no change there in lapsing with the blog lol!!

I've already got two more sets on the go but have to sew them up yet which are little dresses with stockings and jumpers and I've also just started a little tiger suit this week in grey and white which is coming along nicely. Still haven't finished my jumper so will have to have a go at that soon as otherwise it will be next year again before its done.

See you soon.