Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Cushions DVD Arrived Yipppee!!

The cushions dvd from Debbie Shore has arrived. Well it actually arrived yesterday. I had just put the dishes in the sink to soak for a few minutes when the postman arrived. Realising it was the dvd I rushed to the door and ripped open the envelope lol!!

I put it in my computer and thought I'll just have a quick look - well an hour and a half later I was still watching and the pots were still in the sink!. Its a brilliant dvd. Loads of little tips and in plain english no posh sewing terms that I don't understand. Its given me loads of ideas so have spent the last few days looking on the internet at material. Its been quite a while since I bought some material and my haven't the prices increased. I used to pay the price for a fat quarter and received a metre in my day. Anyway went onto the trusty old auction site and have bought some material to get me started. I have decided to do a simple envelope cushion. Don't run before you can walk I'm thinking so zips are out for the moment.

Hope to receive the stuff next week to once done I'll post some pictures. Have also been looking at pin cushions too as there will be scraps and have been asking on the sewing forum what would be the best filling. I've had a few answers of sand etc. If anyone wants to leave any ideas I would be grateful.

Well I'm off to finish tea now we eat late here due to work commitments and I'd better not let it burn again!!

See you soon.


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