Sunday, 2 January 2011

No change there then!!

Well its been a while again. Quite a while in fact but I have been busy and have lots of knitting candy for you to have a look at. Finally a picture of the sailor suit with a hat I was warbling on about way back in August last year and some other items I have since knitted. I'm still busy trying to get rid of my cardmaking stuff. Its slowly selling very slowly but its going for next to nothing these days which breaks my heart when I know what I've paid for items - anyway at least someone else is getting a massive bargain.

I've not been to any shows of late back playing up a bit so haven't been as mobile but am thinking of going to the g-mex at the beginning of February this year as its not far away so hopefully will be able to get there. I was thinking of going to the knitting show in Harrogate but with all the bad weather decided against it. Its a long drive and the weather that weekend wasn't too good.

Anyway here is my first picture. Its of the sailor suit, hat and bootees I finally finished last year after getting the last button - I was very lucky there. So here it is.

Then I knitted a sailor dress in navy and white with pleats on the skirt part also in double knit.

Then there is the little trouser and jacket set with hat. I've never made tassels before even after all these years so it was good to learn and now that I realise how easy they are will probably be putting tassels on everything lol!

Then I knitted a white dress set like the previous coloured ones with
roses on the dress as below

and then I decided I needed a change from the baby clothes and decided to go into toilet roll covers. I found some knitting in lace that I have had for years in a lovely rainbow colour. Having not knitted one before I didn't realise again how easy they are to do although I did have to revise up on the knitting in lace until I realised how to knit with it again.
Then the awful weather set in and as usual I couldn't find my gloves. Every year I buy a pair and every year I put them away carefully for the next year and yes you've guessed it the next thing they have disappeared! So I thought well I've loads of patterns must have one for gloves so had a look at an accessories book and hey presto found one for fingerless mittens and full mittens so knitted them with some leftover wool and then I knitted a hat to go with them and had just enough wool to finish them.

So thats it in a nutshell for now plenty of pictures of knitting with plenty of different colours.

Both hubby and I have had a quiet Christmas and New Year and I'm back at work on Tuesday. It seems to go so fast every year. So onward into the year ahead. Hopefully it will be a better one - a lottery win would be nice (dream on) but you never know. I'm sure I will be back with plenty more knitting soon hopefully it won't be 6 months this time but like I said in the heading no change there in lapsing with the blog lol!!

I've already got two more sets on the go but have to sew them up yet which are little dresses with stockings and jumpers and I've also just started a little tiger suit this week in grey and white which is coming along nicely. Still haven't finished my jumper so will have to have a go at that soon as otherwise it will be next year again before its done.

See you soon.

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