Friday, 25 October 2013

How Long?

So when I saw the date of April for my last post that's exactly what I thought.  How Long?.  I've been so neglectful about my blog I'm surprised its even talking to me lol.  Lots has been happening since and I've been to a few shows of  late.  Such a lot I can't remember everything but here goes.  I've been to a few shows one being the British Wool Weekend in Harrogate earlier this year.  It was a lovely show with sheep shearing and producers and sellers of British Wool.  I really enjoyed it and would recommend it for anyone going next year.  It was a bit quiet but that made it ideal for talking to stand holders and for looking at the stands although I think the sellers would have preferred it a bit busier.  There were also some alpacas there too and the are had plenty of cafe seating and toilet facilities.  Great day out.  Here are a few piccies.

The kit I bought above was from juey who has been on Create and Craft.  Its for a rosie bunny which I've just finished knitting and am in the process of finishing up so piccies of the bunny will follow in my next post.  Hopefully you wont have to wait another half year lol.

I've also been to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Manchester's Event City at the beginning of September.  Actually I won the tickets to the show which was brilliant and saved me loads so the show was a plus as a start and its only down the road from me.  This show is always busy and was a good show too.  Lots of temptation as usual an a bought a few bits and bobs - well its rude not to isn't it.  I also met Corrine Lapierre (sorry if I've spelt it wrong) from Create and Craft too.  She was showing her felt figures and was showing us how to sew one of  her bird kits up.  A lovely lady and I much enjoyed the talk.  So here's some piccies of Manchester.  Would well recommend this show to as its has lots of different crafts, cross stitch, card making, knitting, jewellery etc. Good mix.

Now I don't want you all thinking all I ever do is go to knitting and hobbycraft shows but I also went to Yarndale in Skipton this year too.  It was the first one and was at the end of  September.  It was extremely busy and I mean extremely busy but very enjoyable and had a great mix of  companies both small and large from independents to Laxtons Mills and Rowan and Lucy from the blog Attic 24 was there as she was part of the group that organised the show.  It was such a lovely day.  Hubby and I took a picnic and sat in the sunshine drinking out of wine glasses (pop lol) as we were driving and had our lunch.  A great day and I will definitely be going to this one next year and a decent entry price too of £5 only.  Parking was a bit difficult as I don't think it would be so busy and the food queues were horrendous but we had come prepared so were ok.  And as usual I just had to try some of the goodies.  I bought some drops alpaca ooh scrumptious and soft to the touch and some pure wool, some lovely handmade buttons, some 4mm Knit Pro Needles - love these etc.  I put etc. as I went a little mad but not as mad as I could have.  Advice if you think  of going next year take out a bank loan or remortgage first lol.  I could have spent thousands.  There were also some angora rabbits there and some more alpacas who were getting quite verbal.  Not quite sure what they were saying but I think it was somewhere along the lines of  go away lol.  

So I think thats enough of the shows for now.  I am thinking of going to Harrogate Knitting show at the end of  November but it is rather expensive entry is £15 on the day which makes it £30 for me and hubby plus petrol so may have to think about that one although it is near my birthday and is usually a really good show too.  

On the actual knitting front I haven't stopped.  I've been doing some commissions and trying out some designs for kits which I will show and will then go on the website.  As you are probably all yawning by now I will bid you farewell till next time.  Hopefully my time will improve in between posts well surely it cant get any worse?

See you soon.

Caroline xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Getting Ready For My Next Market

Well what an eventful few weeks its been.  First of all I have been on holiday from my part-time job for the last two weeks.  I had a long list of jobs to do starting with the garden which went a bit       off track when it snowed so I looked to the jobs indoors instead.  Can't say I really got much done but hey ho I have enjoyed my rest.

On the car front my poor car is terminal I think.  She's been off the road for a couple of years due to lack of funds but after having a tax rebate, yes I repeat a TAX REBATE as I had overpaid too much tax 3 years ago, I decided to try and put her back on the road.  Well she was towed into the garage last week and they had a look.  My hubby received the phone call just as I was about to go out on Friday evening to say she was not looking too well.  The conversation started like this - "Hello I'm phoning about your car, its er it needs quite a bit doing to it shall I go down the list?"  Never a good sign.  Anyway by the time he had stopped going down the list it was probably easier to say what didn't need doing.  So I now have to make a decision do I take it of the road permanently or do I pay "loads a money".  Still deliberating.........  Needless to say I had a few drinks on Friday night to try and obliterate the bill amount from my head and it did go away until I came around this morning.....

On a better note I am now getting back to my knitting as I have another market in two weeks.  Lots to do again.  A few more items have been done and a couple to finish off.  I'm a bit more organised this time as I know what I'm going into so not as much panic me thinks or is that hopes.  The market is on April 21st and I'm hoping that the weather is a little kinder than last month.

Talking of craft fairs I saw one advertised on Facebook which was local to me so I went along, mainly to support the local crafters and to have a look in case I wanted to do a fair next time.  It was a lovely well organised fair by Craft Fairs UK who have a Facebook page.  There were about 20 stalls or so with a good variety of really high standard crafts.  I did buy a little something and if it wasn't for the ah hm car situation I would have bought a little more (hand crafted chocolate bars with fudge slices in the chocolate, say no more).  Anyway after the craft fair it was time for shopping but it was a lovely way to start the day and the sun was shining so it  did perk me up a little.  Can't beat a bit of sunshine.

I was looking in my local free newspaper this week on page three I was surprised and excited to see a half page story on a local knitting group which I didn't even know existed.  They are doing a charity bid of a mile of knitted mice.  They are asking for people to make knitted mice and send to them so that they can be made into a mile which is going to be measured in October at Altrincham Football Club.  This is in aid of the Alzheimer's Society.  The mice are then going to be sold towards the charity.  You can also be sponsored for each mouse you knit too.  They also have a facebook page called 'Mile of Mice'.  Please if you have any spare wool and time go along and have a look.  There is the pattern on the page and where to send the mice too.  Apparently they have heard from as far away as down south and also a few from abroad offering to help.  I'm going to be doing a few myself inbetween business knitting as I'd like to do a bit for charity so watch this space for my mousy update.

Enough babbling I think for the moment and back to my knitting I think oh and still more decluttering to do!  Where does it all come from lol!

Caroline xxxxx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

How it Went.....

Well needless to say I didn't get everything done (including piccies sorry) although it didn't matter in the end because the stall was a little smaller than I thought.  I was up all night on the Saturday night mainly finishing off sewing up things and sewing cushion covers.  Most of my time was spent trying to thread the needle - say no more!

I did manage however to sort out my insurance with CMTIA who insured me there and then over the phone.  Pretty lucky really as I didn't end up doing it until late Friday afternoon.  I have since received my certificate and letter so thats all in order.  

The market didn't start until 11am on the Sunday so having finished about 9.15am that morning lol hubby and I packed up the car with everything we had and I went with the attitude well I've done as much as I can and what I haven't been able to do I will take next month.

When we arrived people were already setting up stalls.  We walked up the aisles and found our 'pitch' which was handy as it was near the market cafe and near the music dj.  I then blew a sigh of relief as the stall was smaller than I had thought so as I didn't have as much stuff as I wanted it turned out ok. I had to do a bit of a rethink as there wasn't enough room for the dolls and the suitcases so I chose the suitcases in the end and decided to just put the knitted items at the front which turned out ok.

It was just gone 11am when I had finished and people were starting to walk around the market.  It was a cold day and a little quiet probably because of the weather but I did manage to sell some items and made a profit and also more importantly for me people took some of my cards.  Just starting out I consider it more of getting my name out there and if I sell and make a profit all the better but I was prepared just in case I sold nothing.

Anyway all in all it was a lovely day, if a bit cold.  I managed to speak to some of the stallholders and there were some lovely stalls there and items, the music was great and I thoroughly enjoyed my hot cup of tea and round of toast from the market cafe.  I am there for the next three markets at least and hope to do many more.

Before we knew it, it was 3.30pm and it was time to leave.  It didn't take long to pack up and load the car and then we were back home unpacking.  I am hoping to upload my website in the next few days with the stock I have left including the cushions but for the last few days I have been having a rest and haven't knitted for about 3 days now although starting to get the jitters as I can't leave my stix alone for too long.  

Heres a picture of me hiding behind my stall at the market, smiling despite the cold.

Well next week its back to knitting.  For the rest of the week and weekend I'm decluttering in the house.  That probably means quite a few trips to the tip.  I'd just like to know where it all comes from, you declutter and then the next year it needs doing again.  

Another bit of good news is that my car is booked in at the garage.   Its been off the road for a couple of years so hopefully if it doesn't cost too much to get back on the road I might have my wheels back again in a couple of weeks.  Will have to let you know how it goes on.... Fingers and everything else crossed on that one.  You have to with cars don't you.

See you soon.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Altrincham Vintage/Craft Market 17th March 2013

Well its all go at Oodles Towers.  Only six days to go to the Altrincham Vintage/Craft Market on Sunday 17th March.  If you are in the area please come along to support all the traders they really do need your support.  I have been there as a visitor in the past and its is a friendly and busy market with a great atmosphere and lots of lovely trinkets to buy both handmade, vintage and food products too.

I'm a little behind (actually quite a lot lol) due to illness and of course things always take longer than expected and life does throw the occasional curve ball too so I still have some rabbits to knit and mice and a few cushion covers to sew but I'm sure it will all come good in the end so no pressure there then lol.  I did resort to asking hubby and his friends if they could knit me some bunny rabbits in their lunch hours lol.  Can you imagine 4 men knitting in a steel factory?  The answer was a polite NO lol.  Still I tried lol.

I have lots of sewing up to do and attaching beads and buttons as you can see from the piccies below but will post more as they are finished so people will have an idea of what I will be selling.

I've also been spending time sorting out what the stall will look like which takes a while too.  I always use cream tablecloths good quality thick ones to cover the stall itself and I am using three collapsible baskets which when turned upside down become stands with cream tablecloths to cover them. 

I will also be selling some wool and needles and ribbons and buttons so wanted some wicker baskets to put them in to make them look nice.  I went to Dunelm Mill the other week and had a look at some baskets but wasn't sure and then all of a sudden I spotted something in the corner of my eye and fell in love.  They were small suitcases which are material covered cream with flowers on.  They look vintagy if thats a word and bearing in mind its a vintage/craft market I thought they would be just right.  They look wonderful and when I do a mock up of the stall later this week I will post the piccie.  One is slightly larger than the other which I will put the wool in the other is slightly smaller for the ribbons, buttons, needles etc.  I also bought two little boxes made out of the same pattern which I think I will be using as small stands on the stall for sitting toys on, probably my rabbits and mice.  So please keep coming back this week as there will be updates (probably in a more panicky mode as the weeks goes on).  Oh yes and I need to sort out my insurance - left it a bit late but you are insured as soon as you pay so hoping that will be ok.

Last but not least if I have time I want to knit some more baby animal hats and some bunting with Oodles Of Stitches on.  Looking at what I have to do I don't think I will be sleeping or eating much this week!

See you soon.

Caroline xxxx