Sunday, 8 May 2011

Create and Craft and Knitting and Stitching Shows

Hello, I've been watching create and craft quite a bit lately. I used to watch it a lot when I did my cardmaking but when I gave this up as I wanted a change I stopped watching until I saw by chance that there was a sewing show on a few months back. This started me wanting to get my sewing machine out (from the dark depths of the boxroom) to make some cushion covers although I haven't finished them yet - keep meaning to but keep getting side tracked.

Anyway a few weeks ago I started seeing adverts saying that create and craft are doing knitting and stitching shows so have been watching quite a lot. Although I am quite an experienced knitter (too many years to mention) I do like to see the shows and have been watching hayley showing knitting kits and wools and patterns. The other day she was showing union jack cushions and this mornings show at 8am was with tea pot covers. They were lovely and even though I know patterns for tea pot covers these stitched patterns were so nice I was severely tempted. At the moment the post and packaging is free for sewing and knitting items on the shows until May 15th and also they are crediting your account with a £5 voucher if you buy any knitting and stitching items so maybe its worth a look on the website there are loads of things.

There have also been shows on called extreme knitting and crocheting with massive needles and crochet hooks so that you can do rugs and bedspreads and cushion covers using only a few rows and several strands of wool. Looks loads of fun and something I would love to try.

I saw a show the other week with Jane Greenoff for cross stitching which I also do and she was showing a computer program that you can make your own cross stitch patterns with. She also had some lovely kits but even I have to admit that I have more cross stitch kits to sew than I have years left!! so daren't buy anymore.

I also learnt yesterday that the knitting and stitching show that is usually on in September at the Gmex in Manchester is now moving the event centre which is opposite the Trafford Centre and I believe there is going to be free parking so I will definitely be going to that this year. I haven't been the last few years due to the traffic in manchester and the parking fees but this is nearer to me and I am thinking of perhaps shopping as Asda that week and while going past shout to hubby oh look theres a stitching show on can we have a quick look - a bit devious but hey needs must. By the way you can borrow my devious idea if you live locally - I don't mind just don't tell anyone where you got it from lol!!

I've also been knitting like crazy as I would like to sell at craft fairs etc. but don't have enough stock yet so am building it up. I've tried different things which in all the years I haven't knitted before. Believe it or not one was a scarf. I've also knitted my very first tea cosy and am at present knitting a cushion cover with flowers on. I've also just finished my second bunny all in one this time in brown with cable patterning. Hope you like the pictures.

The flowers on the tea pot are really easy to do
just cast on 80 stitches on 4.5mm needles and dk wool
knit one row,
purl one row,
3rd row knit two together all across row,
4th row is purl,
5th row is knit two together across row again,
6th row is purl,
7th row is knit two together across row (10 stitches)
then cast off purlwise.

Then all you do is roll the knitting with the knit side on the outside and sew at the bottom through the layers to keep in place. I've now started putting flowers on everything lol!!

I have also been sorting out some cottons on a cross stitch kit so will get to that too soon and will show some piccies when Ihave done a bit. That will be a work in progress.

Apparently there is a new magazine out next week called molly makes which is all about crafting, so I may try it to see what its like. If I buy I will let you know what I think. The price is £4.99 but then all the mags seem to be charging that nowadays. Its a shame they can't be a bit cheaper.

Anyway back to the knitting and the housework!

See you soon.


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