Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Fresh Start

Well here I go. I used to knit many years ago then went onto cross stitch, tapestry and eventually cardmaking. I have now gone back to my roots and am now back to knitting, although am not totally giving up my other crafty things so my blog will be about all sorts probably including life and all that it throws at you!!

Well as my blog is called in the pursuit of knittyness I guess I should start by talking about my first project that I have done for many years, its a polo neck jumper in Sirdar Denim wool which is a lovely berry colour. I've made my own pattern up as I am a no slim jim and large patterns although are now more readily available on the net than many years ago aren't always easy to find for the wool you have. Out came the brain to work out the measurements and pattern after doing a 4" tension square. Its a straight up and down pattern stocking stitch with rib cuffs - obviously nothing too fancy to start with, brains a bit rusty. Off I went into the world of knitting and started going along on a wing and a prayer. I have just finished it and its lovely and warm and easy to wear

I've had a bit of a bad year this year healthwise etc. so am looking forward to the New Year. I do want to learn to crochet. My grandmother taught me to knit but she never got around to teaching me to crochet so have decided to have a go at this as I have seen some lovely crochet on the blogs. Really inspiring.

I have attached some photos of recent knitting that I have done. Hope you like them.

See you soon.

P.S. In the pursuit of knittyness? maybe you are thinking where did she think that one up from as I often do with other blog names well I was so inspired by the film In the pursuit of happyness with Will Smith that I had to apply it to my blog. Go for your dreams.