Friday, 5 June 2015

Sew .....

Sew..... much has happened since last year and its been a bit of a toughy start to the year hence my quietness here. I was very poorly with cellulitis which started in January and I had to have copious amounts of antibiotics before they got it under control.  I was really quite ill but am glad to say I am well on the mend now and my crafting kept me going when I was stuck in the house on bed rest.  Anyway I'm now back to normal as hubby says I'm moaning again lol.  Apparently when I'm really ill I go quiet!

I thought I would post some random pictures and round up some things I was doing.  I went to see Stuart Hilliard at The Black Sheep he was opening their sewing department. I forgot all about the pictures until I was going through my computer.  He is a lovely man and had time to talk individually to all us girls that turned up.  No men sewers there unfortunately just edgy looking husbands trying to hide their credit cards.

The best thing that has happened this year though is that my hubby and I have finally heard the pitter and patter of tiny feet...................   yes two furbabies in the form of kittens.  Smokey and gizmo (originally splodge but changed to gizmo as shes abit of a gremlin lol).  

WARNING gratuitous cute kitty photos to follow.

I've also found some crafting piccies of knits and sewing that I had done but not posted which I came across too.

See you soon.

 Caroline xx