Saturday, 19 February 2011


Hello I have just popped in to show you a couple of pics that I have taken of some gloves that I made for a lady. She liked my navy blue gloves and asked if I could make her a couple of pairs, one she wanted using browns and oranges and the other pair anything goes so here they are.

I was watching create and craft last Thursday actually I was looking to see when the next knitting shows were on and as I turned on a programme with Debbie Shore was just starting showing her dvds for sewing. I am not big on sewing as I used to see it as a chore mainly because my mum was a tailoress and I used to see her sewing at home all the time as a job but I was really inspired so much so that I have bought one of her dvds for making cushions. I thought maybe I should dust off the old sewing machine and do some cushions for my front room. She also has dvds for roman blinds and curtains and one all about sewing machines so might be building my dvd collection up. Anyway can't wait to receive it in the post.

Whilst on air debbie gave out her website address and I think its really worth looking at its There are sewing tips, a forum and some links too and it looks as though debbie pops in quite often to the forum herself to help answer questions etc. You should watch out for her shows on create and craft I can't wait for the next one as I find it leaves me wanting to get out my sewing machine straight away and start having a go! lol. At this rate hubby is going to think I'm becoming a domestic goddess!

I've not been doing too much knitting of baby outfits in the last few weeks as I have been knitting the gloves above. They are knitted in double knit wool and are done on straight needles and are fairly straight forward to knit but are time consuming when sewing up especially the rainbow coloured pair. Different colour for different lines. So glad they are done now as sewing up is the only part of knitting something I don't like.

I've also sent off for a collection called The Art of Knitting. Its one of those series things that you get every week and teaches you how to knit and has patterns and free wool etc. I started on The Art of Crochet last year. Its great, it gets delivered every month and when binders are due they send them too although the price for them is added on. Its not the cheapest of things to buy as there are a lot of magazines in the series but I enjoy it as although I've been knitting for ages there is always something you can learn or a different way of doing things that you never thought of.

Anyway enough warbling for now. See you soon.


  1. Hiya thanks for sharing your blog with us - Did you leave a link on if so the link there doesnt work - I found you by correcting the spelling :-) You might want to go back and change the link:-)

    I love your fingerless gloves just the thing for today with the light covering of snow we had last night :-) Looking forward to seeing your cushions when you do them too :-)

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    My new blog post can be seen here
    Pop over for a cupcake :-) !

  2. Thanks for posting the link on the craft forum Silverthistle.

    Great gloves i remember having gloves like that when i was just a little lad.


  3. Hi, I'm guessing you left a link on my blog: on the Handmade Monday post?

    The link you left had what I guess was a typo - we found you here. I've emailed you but figured you were missing out on clicks while I was waiting for a reply! So I edited your link - hope we've found the right person/blog!

    Thanks for joining in! x

  4. I can't get enough of those type of gloves. Wear them all the time at the market, means I can keep my hands warm but still use my pliers if needs be to make quick adjustments. Like the stripy ones but wouldn't want to sew them up.

  5. I like knitting but hate the sewing up so I wouldn't even want to try and make gloves with or without fingers lol.

  6. Havent knitted for years and never anything like gloves, they are fab. Love the colours. Thanks for the sewing link i will look it up