Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cat Baby Set

Hello again above is my finished baby set, finally done the sewing up!

I've been busy today doing the sewing up of my little cat/tiger baby set. It has been knitted in double knit wool white and grey and consists of cardigan, trousers, boottees and hat. The hat has little cat ears on it. The pattern is from who does lovely patterns for dolls and babies. Its taken ages for me to do mainly because I have put it to one side as I hate the sewing up part! Anyway I told myself that I should get on and jolly well finish it today - actually I used it as therapy as my dryer broke this morning - lucky me not - so spent the morning looking at dryers and prices and when they can be delivered. Needless to say my washing is now on an airer stand at the moment until I get a dryer. I'd forgotten what it was like not to have a dryer. Still on the positive side its saving me money on electric lol!!

I'm now going to do more sewing up a two little pinafore sets, one is in a bright pink and one in a lilac colour they each have a pinafore type dress with a little jumper and stockings. Loads of ends to sew in so I'm going to have to grit my teeth on that one. So more piccies soon.

Anyway its time for the handmade monday at again, the weeks just seem to be flying by this year, so please use the link and have a look as loads of crafters are joining in. Its a great and easy way of having lots of different craft blogs to look at all in one place.

Off to make tea now hmmm lasagne tonight me thinks.

See you soon Craftchick.


  1. Love the cute baby set! Hope you get your dryer sorted out soon (and that the sun shines for a few days in the meantime!).

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday again xx

  2. How cute is that, you may not like the sewing up but you have made a lovely job of it. Bet you can't wait for that dryer to arrive

  3. I LOVE that cat suit. Am just wondering if one for adults is a step too far! lol! x

  4. Cuuuuuute. Do you do one in adult sizing? lol

  5. Absolutely fab baby tiger suit. Love it!
    Hugs Sue x

  6. Makes me wonder how I functioned those years without a dryer, and a baby in diapers (yes, REAL DIAPERS!) I think that must have been all I did was laundry! Hope yours is fixed soon. And that little outfit is adorable, wish I had grandkids to get that for. :)

  7. I always the cutting out when i make anything, think everyone has a part of the making process that they dont enjoy!
    Love the outfit!

  8. Lovely little suit and I'm with you on the sewing up. Love the knitting side hate the sewing up bit.

    Hope you get your dryer sorted. Hopefully the weather will get better soon so that they can be put outside - theres something comforting about washing hanging outside.

  9. AAAAw what a cute baby set! Keep up the good work!xx