Friday, 25 March 2011

Hats, Hats, Hats


Well as promised I have piccies of my hats and a lilac baby set that I have been knitting recently. The patterns are from The sizes that can be made are from 0-3 months right up to 1-2 years. There are also loads of baby patterns on this site to for knitting and crochet. The pattern was really easy to knit and the instructions were great. They were quick to knit up but instead of using buttons for eyes I decided to knit mine and sew them and I stuffed the ears to make them stand up easily too. I got so carried away that I have already knitted 6 of these hats!

Its handmade monday at once again. I haven't done this for a couple of weeks as have been so busy finishing things off that I haven't had time for photographing. This week along with the list of crafters wendy also talks about the great british craft bazaar that has been on this weekend. I was hoping to go along myself to meet some crafters from the craft forum but unfortunately have spent the weekend still looking for a washing machine and a dryer. Washing by hand is bringing back nostalgic memories but to be honest I'd rather not be having them lol!! Anyway hope you enjoy looking at everyones blogs.

See you soon.


Craft Fair at Brookside Garden Centre Stockport

Just over a week ago I saw that there was a craft fair on at Brookside Garden Centre in Stockport. As its not too far away I decided to go and have a look. I have been to this garden centre before and its great if you have children as there is a miniature railway that runs around the garden centre and its quite realistic with a bridge and a little set of crossings all really cute. I say its great for the children if you go but I did count more adults on the miniature train than children!! hmm reliving childhood. I was tempted myself but managed to contain myself although I may have a go next time lol!! There are a few piccies at the top of the train and a little signal box.

Anyway to the craft fair which is why I went in the first place. I have been thinking about selling my knitwear at maybe a craft fair which is why I went along as well as the fact that I love to see what crafters make. I don't have any pictures unfortunately but the crafts were varied and were absolutely lovely and also there were fudge and sweet tables. There was a lovely stall that sold wooden letters that you could use for bedroom doors and you could have any colour and combination made. There were a couple of knitting stalls one with baby clothes and one with knitted animals, there were jewellery stalls but believe it or not there were no card stalls. I was really surprised as I had originally gone there to buy a card and there are usually lots of card stalls. It was a lovely craft fair under a big marquee and looked well organised and there were plenty of people walking around so I hope the crafters made a few sales. All in all I was very impressed to may think about doing some in the future although it won't be quite yet as I'm now saving pennies as my dryer broke the other week and then the washing machine broke this week believe it or not and then had problems with my lights in the kitchen. Well they say it comes in threes so I hope thats my lot for a while lol!

I have also been busy knitting and have finished a lilac dress set with hat and stockings and have also been knitting some hats in the form of frog, pig, panda, puppy so will post piccies soon.

See you soon.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Baby Set

Hello, well I've finally sewn up my pink and white baby set. It has little stocking leggings, a pinafore, a white jumper and a hat. It is knitted in double knitting acrylic wool so is easily washable. Sewing in the ends was a labour of love but I do like the striped leggings. The hat has a ribbon trim that can be tied to tighten to fit.

I'm now sewing up the same set but in a lilic and white colour combination.

I went to Ikea on Saturday for some more material for when I start sewing some cushions. It wasn't the usual Ikea that we have been to before and this one was huge. Is was so big we got lost! lol Anyway after using my pathfinding skills we found the material section. A few of the ones I wanted weren't stocked so was a bit disappointed but the material I did get was very reasonably priced and feels really good quality. It was novel having to cut my own pieces, not done that before. After having the material weighed and priced the girl said we just had to take it to the tills. Easier said than done lol!! After what seemed like a 26 mile marathon and three floors we finally found the tills lol. I loved loads of the items in there but was definately all shopped out by the time we reached the exit.! I've seen two lovely book shelves that I want in pine to go in my new craftroom.

Hubby said that I can have the back bedroom instead of the boxroom that I have at present because well as a crafter I am sure you will understand there is just not enough room in my boxroom. He says that he will put all his games and videos in the boxroom instead. So now I want to redecorate the back bedroom add a couple of bookcases, get rid of the single bed in there which is not used anymore and maybe put a daybed in there. Well I can dream for now as I will have to save the pennies up first. Anyway the big move is this weekend hopefully so I will have more room to set up my sewing machine.

Hope you like the piccies.

See you soon. Craftchick