Sunday, 17 July 2011

Knitted cushion cover

Hello I've been busy of late with life etc. so have been neglecting the blog a bit. I just wanted to show my first hand knitted cushion cover. It fastens at the back with poppers. I hadn't designed it this way but originally it was to be an envelope fasten at the back but when the pad went in it needed to be pulled together slightly and it was to late for buttonholes so I decided on the poppers design feature!! lol. The flowers I knitted are the pattern I gave earlier in my blog and look really nice and just give it a bit of dimension. I was really pleased so think I shall be designing a few more.

I have also knitted another dress set in a lovely lustre white colour and am knitting a dungaree set in a lovely blue colour with an intarsia monkey face on the front bib so will post piccies when I have finished it. Just the jumper that goes underneath to do.

I don't know whether you have been on this site before It used to be a cardmaking site that sells decoupage etc. patterns to download but it now also does knitting, crochet and cross stitch patterns. They are great patterns some unusual scarf and necklaces as well as baby clothes and toys etc. I have only bought some baby patterns but there is loads to look at on the site and forums and games to.

I usually knit in acrylic wool. One reason is cost, the other being it is easily machine washable for babies but I have been looking at the lovely merino wools and am tempted although it would cost a lot more but the feel is absolutely lovely. I have been looking on the internet and have seen a site called The prices are really cheap so I think I will be doing a bit of shopping there too. Unfortunately it wasn't me who won the lottery of 162 million this week so I will have to wait until next pay day lol!!

I have also bought some knitting books while I have been away from blogland one being Knitting Block by Block by Nicky Epstein. You can see it on Amazon. A truly amazine book. Great for blanket designing and ideas. It gives loads of squares and designs that you can do listing the pattern so you can change the colours etc. and mix and match.

I have also bought blankets and throws by Debbie Abrahams. I had seen the pattern for a seaside blanket on ebay and really loved it and found out by chance that it was from the book. There are lots of blanket styles and patterns. Once again a great book for looking and knitting blankets. I do believe there as been a second book so am saving up.

I've also been looking at lots of blogs again for inspiration. Probably spending too much time but hey it gives me a break. A nice cuppa a bit of chocolate and a lot of blog watching - I'm in heaven, sad I know but it makes me happy although to be honest anything including chocolate makes me happy. I am trying to - ah hem - lose some weight. I have to be fairI have lost about a stone and a half up to now but am struggling a bit at the moment not so much going of the rails but more of a train crash. Still I'm trying to get back to eating healthily tomorrow no diet just eating less and no rubbish - hmm does cake count if it is made out of wholesome ingredients? maybe not cue chicken and veg.

Oh and just before I go I am joining in handmade monday which is a list of bloggers who all join together so please pop along to have a look at all the lovely blogs. They are really great just click here:

So ta ta for now hope you enjoy the piccies.