Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cat Baby Set

Hello again above is my finished baby set, finally done the sewing up!

I've been busy today doing the sewing up of my little cat/tiger baby set. It has been knitted in double knit wool white and grey and consists of cardigan, trousers, boottees and hat. The hat has little cat ears on it. The pattern is from who does lovely patterns for dolls and babies. Its taken ages for me to do mainly because I have put it to one side as I hate the sewing up part! Anyway I told myself that I should get on and jolly well finish it today - actually I used it as therapy as my dryer broke this morning - lucky me not - so spent the morning looking at dryers and prices and when they can be delivered. Needless to say my washing is now on an airer stand at the moment until I get a dryer. I'd forgotten what it was like not to have a dryer. Still on the positive side its saving me money on electric lol!!

I'm now going to do more sewing up a two little pinafore sets, one is in a bright pink and one in a lilac colour they each have a pinafore type dress with a little jumper and stockings. Loads of ends to sew in so I'm going to have to grit my teeth on that one. So more piccies soon.

Anyway its time for the handmade monday at again, the weeks just seem to be flying by this year, so please use the link and have a look as loads of crafters are joining in. Its a great and easy way of having lots of different craft blogs to look at all in one place.

Off to make tea now hmmm lasagne tonight me thinks.

See you soon Craftchick.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Cushions DVD Arrived Yipppee!!

The cushions dvd from Debbie Shore has arrived. Well it actually arrived yesterday. I had just put the dishes in the sink to soak for a few minutes when the postman arrived. Realising it was the dvd I rushed to the door and ripped open the envelope lol!!

I put it in my computer and thought I'll just have a quick look - well an hour and a half later I was still watching and the pots were still in the sink!. Its a brilliant dvd. Loads of little tips and in plain english no posh sewing terms that I don't understand. Its given me loads of ideas so have spent the last few days looking on the internet at material. Its been quite a while since I bought some material and my haven't the prices increased. I used to pay the price for a fat quarter and received a metre in my day. Anyway went onto the trusty old auction site and have bought some material to get me started. I have decided to do a simple envelope cushion. Don't run before you can walk I'm thinking so zips are out for the moment.

Hope to receive the stuff next week to once done I'll post some pictures. Have also been looking at pin cushions too as there will be scraps and have been asking on the sewing forum what would be the best filling. I've had a few answers of sand etc. If anyone wants to leave any ideas I would be grateful.

Well I'm off to finish tea now we eat late here due to work commitments and I'd better not let it burn again!!

See you soon.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hello, thanks to all the crafters out there who have had a look at my website this week. Its nice when people appreciate what you do.

I look at a crafts forum quite a lot and saw one of the crafters (wendy) who is doing a handmade monday on her blog at where crafters can put a link on her blog and people can have a look at all the different items and blogs and what other crafters are up to. As I'm a bit of a technophobe I got it wrong (a typo I think very embarrasing as I have been a typist for 30 years eeek!!!) but lovely wendy emailed me to sort me out lol!! Thanks to wendy and I have now learnt how to link as well!.

I hope you take the time to have a look at her blog its really good and has links to lots of crafters so there is loads to look at. Also I have just seen that she is appealing for any information on her granddaughters stolen rabbit. Please pop along to see if you can help. Its awful to think that people can steal family pets knowing that it will distress the children living there.

On a crafting note I'm still waiting for my cushions dvd (2 days) being a bit impatient lol. How many of us crafters out there I wonder order something and want it yesterday because they are so excited - is it just me who is like a little child thinking its Christmas or does anyone else feel like that? Hoping it comes in the next few days so I can start.

And lastly, I'm still sewing up the little tiger suit so it shouldn't be long now before I have some piccies.

See you soon.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Hello I have just popped in to show you a couple of pics that I have taken of some gloves that I made for a lady. She liked my navy blue gloves and asked if I could make her a couple of pairs, one she wanted using browns and oranges and the other pair anything goes so here they are.

I was watching create and craft last Thursday actually I was looking to see when the next knitting shows were on and as I turned on a programme with Debbie Shore was just starting showing her dvds for sewing. I am not big on sewing as I used to see it as a chore mainly because my mum was a tailoress and I used to see her sewing at home all the time as a job but I was really inspired so much so that I have bought one of her dvds for making cushions. I thought maybe I should dust off the old sewing machine and do some cushions for my front room. She also has dvds for roman blinds and curtains and one all about sewing machines so might be building my dvd collection up. Anyway can't wait to receive it in the post.

Whilst on air debbie gave out her website address and I think its really worth looking at its There are sewing tips, a forum and some links too and it looks as though debbie pops in quite often to the forum herself to help answer questions etc. You should watch out for her shows on create and craft I can't wait for the next one as I find it leaves me wanting to get out my sewing machine straight away and start having a go! lol. At this rate hubby is going to think I'm becoming a domestic goddess!

I've not been doing too much knitting of baby outfits in the last few weeks as I have been knitting the gloves above. They are knitted in double knit wool and are done on straight needles and are fairly straight forward to knit but are time consuming when sewing up especially the rainbow coloured pair. Different colour for different lines. So glad they are done now as sewing up is the only part of knitting something I don't like.

I've also sent off for a collection called The Art of Knitting. Its one of those series things that you get every week and teaches you how to knit and has patterns and free wool etc. I started on The Art of Crochet last year. Its great, it gets delivered every month and when binders are due they send them too although the price for them is added on. Its not the cheapest of things to buy as there are a lot of magazines in the series but I enjoy it as although I've been knitting for ages there is always something you can learn or a different way of doing things that you never thought of.

Anyway enough warbling for now. See you soon.