Thursday, 21 March 2013

How it Went.....

Well needless to say I didn't get everything done (including piccies sorry) although it didn't matter in the end because the stall was a little smaller than I thought.  I was up all night on the Saturday night mainly finishing off sewing up things and sewing cushion covers.  Most of my time was spent trying to thread the needle - say no more!

I did manage however to sort out my insurance with CMTIA who insured me there and then over the phone.  Pretty lucky really as I didn't end up doing it until late Friday afternoon.  I have since received my certificate and letter so thats all in order.  

The market didn't start until 11am on the Sunday so having finished about 9.15am that morning lol hubby and I packed up the car with everything we had and I went with the attitude well I've done as much as I can and what I haven't been able to do I will take next month.

When we arrived people were already setting up stalls.  We walked up the aisles and found our 'pitch' which was handy as it was near the market cafe and near the music dj.  I then blew a sigh of relief as the stall was smaller than I had thought so as I didn't have as much stuff as I wanted it turned out ok. I had to do a bit of a rethink as there wasn't enough room for the dolls and the suitcases so I chose the suitcases in the end and decided to just put the knitted items at the front which turned out ok.

It was just gone 11am when I had finished and people were starting to walk around the market.  It was a cold day and a little quiet probably because of the weather but I did manage to sell some items and made a profit and also more importantly for me people took some of my cards.  Just starting out I consider it more of getting my name out there and if I sell and make a profit all the better but I was prepared just in case I sold nothing.

Anyway all in all it was a lovely day, if a bit cold.  I managed to speak to some of the stallholders and there were some lovely stalls there and items, the music was great and I thoroughly enjoyed my hot cup of tea and round of toast from the market cafe.  I am there for the next three markets at least and hope to do many more.

Before we knew it, it was 3.30pm and it was time to leave.  It didn't take long to pack up and load the car and then we were back home unpacking.  I am hoping to upload my website in the next few days with the stock I have left including the cushions but for the last few days I have been having a rest and haven't knitted for about 3 days now although starting to get the jitters as I can't leave my stix alone for too long.  

Heres a picture of me hiding behind my stall at the market, smiling despite the cold.

Well next week its back to knitting.  For the rest of the week and weekend I'm decluttering in the house.  That probably means quite a few trips to the tip.  I'd just like to know where it all comes from, you declutter and then the next year it needs doing again.  

Another bit of good news is that my car is booked in at the garage.   Its been off the road for a couple of years so hopefully if it doesn't cost too much to get back on the road I might have my wheels back again in a couple of weeks.  Will have to let you know how it goes on.... Fingers and everything else crossed on that one.  You have to with cars don't you.

See you soon.


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