Monday, 11 March 2013

Altrincham Vintage/Craft Market 17th March 2013

Well its all go at Oodles Towers.  Only six days to go to the Altrincham Vintage/Craft Market on Sunday 17th March.  If you are in the area please come along to support all the traders they really do need your support.  I have been there as a visitor in the past and its is a friendly and busy market with a great atmosphere and lots of lovely trinkets to buy both handmade, vintage and food products too.

I'm a little behind (actually quite a lot lol) due to illness and of course things always take longer than expected and life does throw the occasional curve ball too so I still have some rabbits to knit and mice and a few cushion covers to sew but I'm sure it will all come good in the end so no pressure there then lol.  I did resort to asking hubby and his friends if they could knit me some bunny rabbits in their lunch hours lol.  Can you imagine 4 men knitting in a steel factory?  The answer was a polite NO lol.  Still I tried lol.

I have lots of sewing up to do and attaching beads and buttons as you can see from the piccies below but will post more as they are finished so people will have an idea of what I will be selling.

I've also been spending time sorting out what the stall will look like which takes a while too.  I always use cream tablecloths good quality thick ones to cover the stall itself and I am using three collapsible baskets which when turned upside down become stands with cream tablecloths to cover them. 

I will also be selling some wool and needles and ribbons and buttons so wanted some wicker baskets to put them in to make them look nice.  I went to Dunelm Mill the other week and had a look at some baskets but wasn't sure and then all of a sudden I spotted something in the corner of my eye and fell in love.  They were small suitcases which are material covered cream with flowers on.  They look vintagy if thats a word and bearing in mind its a vintage/craft market I thought they would be just right.  They look wonderful and when I do a mock up of the stall later this week I will post the piccie.  One is slightly larger than the other which I will put the wool in the other is slightly smaller for the ribbons, buttons, needles etc.  I also bought two little boxes made out of the same pattern which I think I will be using as small stands on the stall for sitting toys on, probably my rabbits and mice.  So please keep coming back this week as there will be updates (probably in a more panicky mode as the weeks goes on).  Oh yes and I need to sort out my insurance - left it a bit late but you are insured as soon as you pay so hoping that will be ok.

Last but not least if I have time I want to knit some more baby animal hats and some bunting with Oodles Of Stitches on.  Looking at what I have to do I don't think I will be sleeping or eating much this week!

See you soon.

Caroline xxxx

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