Sunday, 9 December 2012

I've Booked the Altrincham Vintage and Craft Monthly Markets 2013

Well I have decided to branch out next year into my local monthly Vintage and Craft Market which is in Altrincham (Greenwood Street and Market Street).  I have booked four for the first part of the year so will be very busy over the next couple of months building up more stock.  I already have coverings for the stall and stands for my dolls who model (they don't charge me too much to model but they admit they do get slightly bored although have promised to behave on the day) so all I need are some more outfits and some homewares. 

The markets are every month and the dates I have booked are:

Sunday March 17th 2013
Sunday April 21st 2013
Sunday May 19th 2013
Sunday June 16th 2013

I have been to the markets many times and they are always busy with a lovely atmosphere and some really great artisans and vintage stalls.  I always enjoy a Sunday browse around the market and it is so nice to see it busy and being used.

I am just about to finish my reindeer baby outfit so will post pictures in the next couple of days and am also hoping to finish a couple of toys too but just need a quick trip to my local hobbycraft this afternoon for some finishing touches, buttons and ribbon - wouldn't you know I have loads of ribbons and buttons but not in the colours I need. 

I did start to knit a snowman outfit too but found halfway up the back on changing to a new ball of wool that the wool was a slightly different thickness and was showing as a slightly different shade (this I realised at 3am in the morning - couldn't sleep).  To anyone else they probably wouldn't see it but I could so I had to frog it ba humbug! so I think as its a little too close to Christmas now it will have to wait a year.  Thankfully it was only a baby outfit and not and adult one.  I have had this once before when knitting an aran jacket for myself with a complicated pattern and halfway up the back had a ball that although was the right dye and lot number was slightly different in the light.  When I took it back to the shop she said she would have to order new wool as she didn't have any more left in that shade/dye lot and I had to hand over the knitting I had done!  I did eventually get new wool and sat down and redid the jacket but always thought of having to start again every time I wore it lol! 

Not sure what I'm doing for Christmas this year but will probably be a quiet one anyway.  Will probably included cooking most of the day then eating until I feel icky and watching boring re runs on tv and finally falling into bed...... oh and yes a bit of knitting as I can't/won't put the stix down even for one day.

See you soon when toys and baby set piccies are done.

Caroline xx

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