Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm getting there with technology

Well I've changed my phone.  My previous Samsung was shall we say old enough to be on the antiques roadshow so I decided it was about time to change and update to one of those smart phone thingies so I could be still down with the kids.  I had a look at some local phone shops and a look on the internet and finally settled for a Samsung again the Ace just smart enough but not too smart for me.  I ordered it and it duly arrived the next day.  I opened the box all excited until I had to try to work the thing.  After a few blue words and a threat of its going back in the  box to the supplier and after pressing lots of buttons etc I'm finally glad to say I am getting to know it, so I can now facebook, tweet and all that millarky while on the move as well as at home, although haven't worked out how to blog with it yet.  I can't seem to bring the keyboard up to type.  If anyone knows how to do this please, please, please let me know......  

There was one easy thing to do though and that was to keep my old number from my old supplier.  Unlike years ago when they used to stall because they didn't want to lose customers they were really helpful and it went like a breeze after requesting my pac code and giving it to my new supplier hey presto a couple of days later and the number had been transferred.

Meanwhile I have still been knitting - well of course - and have finished a commission for a baby set.  My customer had bought a pattern but couldn't knit it so asked on facebook if there was anyone out there willing to knit it for them.  It was a lovely little pattern really easy and quick to knit up.

It has been sent to her and she emailed to say she was really pleased, loved the finishing and would be recommending me to all her family and friends.  I love it when people are pleased and well you can't buy word of mouth recommendations can you.

Its my birthday in a couple of weeks (and no I'm not disclosing my age but I am 21 again and again and again ad infinitum) and so as a treat I'm thinking of going to the Knitting show in Harrogate at the end of November - but not sure depends on the pennies as its about £12 a ticket advance and then there is the car journey so still thinking about it as part of my mind says I can buy a lot of wool for that price although I have been before and I do have to say it is the best show for knitting that I have been too.  I do have to add I have not been to woolfest or wonderwool though...

Its back to the dentist next week, the broken tooth just turned out to be a filling that had fallen out so not too much work needs to be done although I hate the sound of the drill so probably won't sleep the night before sad I know but dentists are not my favourite - nothing personal to all you dentists out there its not you personally its the instruments of torture you use lol.....  Hopefully I will be able to chew on both sides of my mouth for my birthday.

I'm at present knitting toys for Christmas yes I have mentioned the C word but it does seem to be  arriving everywhere.  I've actually seen a Christmas tree up in a window already locally! although I won't be putting mine up till really quite near Christmas.  I've knitted a couple and once they are stuffed and sewn I'll post a few piccies.  I'm also thinking of knitting some teddies too and some Christmassy themed baby outfits so watch this space.  

See you soon.

Caroline xx.

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