Monday, 17 September 2012

Days Out, New Knitting Supplies and Craft Shows

Well as per usual its been a while........ but I have been busy!.  I have heard from the tax man just a straight forward letter after registering to let me know my unique tax number and to say that they will send me forms when year end tax is due - I'm sure they won't forget.  So far so good I'm thinking.   I've also been looking into updating my mobile phone as its probably classified as an antique by now so have been looking at smart phones.

Its been so busy knitting commissions, and knitting for a designer and trying to set up my website, working part-time and running the house phew - so many jobs and so little time.  As I'm finding it hard to organise my time I have decided to do a timetable plan although I then have to stick to it.  

I've been spending a lot of time researching places to buy products for the site such as knitting wool and needles, pom pom makers, ribbons and buttons etc. as I would like to provide these as well as knitted items and eventually I will be making kits when I have written some of my own designs - although I have to walk before I can run.  

I went to my first trade show a couple of weeks ago at the Birmingham NEC. 

It was free to go as long as you registered and you were given a badge on entering which being my first show I wore with pride lol!  I obviously was only interested in the craft section which wasn't very big (it was only about a quarter of a hall and there were 5 halls in total but I did find some good contacts.  There were companies such as Sirdar, King Cole, DMC etc. who were there.  Each company has a minimum order for wholesale, some I found were a bit too much for me as I'm just starting out but there were about 3 or 4 that I was really interested in and that would let you order wholesale from a fairly small value.  

After giving out business cards and having a few discussions and lots of looking on the internet I have settled on ordering from one company to start with.  I have ordered some DK wool in baby colours, buttons, ribbons, satin and organza, some pom pom makers, and needles.  It was easy to register on the site and I found their customer service really good.  I only ordered on Sunday evening and received it on Tuesday lunchtime.  I'll be putting the items on my website in the next few days - I'm saying the next few days as my tooth broke yesterday so its to the dentist this week and I don't know what will happen - hopefully I will escape alive with a brave badge although probably a large bill.

I am also looking to order some DMC crochet products eventually although I think I should be able to crochet first - still haven't got around to it although have tried the basics.  They sell lovely crochet cottons and threads and the staff at the show were really helpful and once I become a bit bigger (the business not me lol) I am going to look to the bigger companies such as Sirdar etc to order from.

I've also been for a day out recently to Fleetwood.  I needed a bit of me time just for a day.  It was lovely and quiet and I went to the local market where I bought some lovely fudge and looked at the knitting stall - of course.  I also went past a couple of craft shops and then had a lovely meal before going to the beach for a walk.  There was a wedding reception on at the hotel on the front and the bride was having photos taken with her bridesmaids on the beach.

Finally I went to the Stitching Show at Event City near the Trafford Centre, Manchester last Thursday.  I had a complimentary ticket from a previous show so decided to go for a bit of rest and relaxation.  I was also looking for some bows and flowers for a commission I'm doing and couldn't find the ones I needed anywhere.  It was opened by Linda Bellingham. I was there before 10am and went straight in as it was pretty quiet (at the start anyway).  There was lots to do like workshops and demonstrations but I decided against it as the queue for booking these was miles long so started looking at the stands.  There was a good mixture of sewing, papercraft, beads, knitting etc. and I found the bows I needed so could relax for the rest of the show.  I actually managed to go around the whole show and not buy any wool - a first for me although any more wool and I will seriously have to move out of the house!  

There was a lovely fashion show on plus an exhibition of dresses from shows.  

There was quite a lot of seating and early on when I was there it was easy to get a seat and table.  I really enjoyed the show although personally I would have liked a few more knitting stands but as I said there was quite a good selection.  

There were also food stalls with hand baked goods such as pies and pasties both meat and fruit and a cheese stand.  I also saw a cooking demonstration.  All in all it was a good day and I believe they are doing it all again in February if you are in the area and its free parking.

So if you are still with me - well done for getting this far.  I haven't posted for a while as I said but hopefully have made up for it by nearly writing a novel.  So to my to do list for this week - putting supplies on my website, dentist (yuk) although on the positive side I am off on holiday from my part-time job - yippee.

See you soon.


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