Monday, 2 July 2012

Holidays - Yeh

I'm happy to say I am holiday from my part-time job this week - yeh.  More time to concentrate at Oodles Towers and on my knitting.  I'm busy knitting some baby items for a designer so have had to leave my items alone for the moment but will be back to them soon.  I was looking at the drops wool website today and was severely tempted by the sale they have on at the moment some of their cotton yarns are going for as little as £1 - having to think about it.......

I am on a DIET starting last week yes I said a DIET well it had to be done.  I was really quite good although I have nearly eaten my fingers to the knuckles lol.  Its not having the chocolate thats doing it.  I am quite a chocolate fiend.  Withdrawals have set in this week so I'm having to distract myself by knittng, cleaning, anything really thankfully there isn't any chocolate in the house.  On the positive side I lost 10lbs last week.  Couldn't believe it although I do have a lot more to lose and it probably will come off a lot slower now.  By my reckoning if I knit every time I want chocolate I should have a complete shopful of items knitted by next week lol!!!

I finally bought a tent last week its a five man tent with plenty of room so can't wait to just sort out sleeping bags and then I will be off on travels - somewhere.  I'm also looking at backpacks with the one stipulation it does have to be pink.  I've seen quite a good one and cheap in Sports Direct.  In fact I saw loads of stuff in there that I wanted.  I actually bought a black sweatshirt top for £4 in the sale items.  

Whilst there I saw something on a car which I haven't seen before but now must have - carlashes.  They are like eyelashes for your car.  Brilliant.  Just have to have some and they have diamonte eyeliner too lol!  I'm also thinking of putting some decals on my car with my business name on the back windscreen.  Everyone should see me coming then lol!  Just have to get the car through its mot fingers and everything else crossed.  Its an old car but quite reliable.  Its been off the road of late and needs a new battery so am out to buy one this week, sort out the road tax and book it in for the mot.  Then I will be fully mobile and not have to rely on anyone else!

Anyway I'll have to go now as I'm off to buy the carlashes - maybe if she looks pretty they will pass her........

See you soon.


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