Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Abakhan Mostyn North Wales

Well I didn't get to the Peak District as the weather forecast put me off a little but instead I went to North Wales.  I used to have a static in Prestatyn a few years ago so know the area pretty well and used to go to the Abakhan mill shop in Mostyn pretty regularly.  Its been a while as I don't have the caravan anymore.  

I was quite surprised how quiet it was it used to be really busy maybe because it was the holiday weekend.  Anyway it made it great as you had the whole place nearly to yourself.  I managed to pick out some lovely fabric enough for two maxi dresses and I even saw some lovely material which I may go back for to make duvet covers and curtains. Don't get me wrong I'm no sewing goddess more 'have a go'. 

I had a look around the wool section and believe it or not managed not to buy any wool.  The urge was strong though!

Anyway after Abakhan I went to Llandudno and had a lovely fish and chip lunch and there was a classic car show on the prom.  I did want to go up the Orme but as the weather was closing in a little and it started raining thought it would be left to another day and came home about teatime but it was nice to go back to Wales.  Prestatyn is changing though.

I did see a few tent sites on the way and have written them down to look them up as I'm still thinking of doing the camping thing lol!  I really want to start going out walking in the countryside.  Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and had lots of fun.

Today I'm back on the knitting and hope to put some new items on my website soon.  Now I have my new camera it should be easier - I say should I need to work out the buttons first!

See you soon.


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