Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Finally Finished

Well here is a picture of the bunny all in one that I was doing for a customer.  I finally finished it and sent it to her and she was really happy with it which makes me happy.  I have done about 3 of these now and everybody seems to like them.  The pattern comes from Claire Topping at www.babydollhandknitdesigns.co.uk.  Great patterns and good prices.

Now I'm knitting baby hats, bootees, leggings and jackets in merino/cashmere blend.  A little difficult in this heat as it heats up you hands but I just keep picking it up and then putting it down.  

I have a few things to finish and put on my website soon too, I was hoping to have some lovely ceramic buttons to put on my garments but unfortunately have been let down but have managed to buy some lovely buttons that really go with them dress outfits anyway so saved the day.  

Its Jubilee weekend in a few days and I am hoping to get out and about if the weather holds.  I fancy going walking in the Peak District.  I'm not a great walker but have just started walking mainly for exercise.  I've also just bought an mp3 player to listen to music while I walk as otherwise I get bored listening to my thoughts.  They're not very exciting lol!  

I even went looking at tents last weekend to try camping, having never been camping before I thought I should try it - the great outdooors and all that lol.  Not sure what I need really as a novice they all looked the same! so if anyone has any tips or ideas on tents or places to walk in the North West then please feel free to leave a comment.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Be back soon.


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