Sunday, 8 April 2012

Oodles of Stitches

Well I'm finally up and running as an official business - Oodles of Stitches. The website went live two days ago on 6th April so I will be filling out the tax forms to register as self employed. I have been looking around the web at craft fairs too and hope to be doing some but it will be later in the year I think as I need to desperately build my stock up and there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day as I do work part-time too.

On my first day (Friday) I received a commission for a white bunny suit all in one and was really happy my first official order. It just goes to show that using social media can get you orders. Its going to be for a very special little reborn doll so after receiving the order I went straight out to buy all the wool, buttons etc to make it. Instead of pink ears they have asked for blue and once finished and sent to my customer I will post a piccie on here. In the meantime heres a piccie of one I have done in the past.

Busy doing the tension squares at the moment and then will get stuck into knitting it. It is a labour of love and you do have to concentrate but it does look lovely every time. If you like the pattern I can't claim it as my own (I wish) but it belongs to a very clever lady Claire Topping at Babydollhandknitdesigns who has her own website for patterns and if you ever get stuck or can't see the wood for the trees as I did on one occasion is very helpful with the patterns. In my case I had obviously had a brunette moment as I had failed to read an instruction (happened to be important).

I was planning to do a lot of things this weekend but with the weather not being too good the gardening has had to wait as has the fence painting and the car boot but it has left plenty of time to start my first official Oodles of Stitches commission so happy in one respect.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter and haven't eaten too many eggs and are feeling icky.

See you Soon.


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