Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Getting Ready

Hello everyone, busy getting ready for the website launch. I did say January but things changed and I decided to wait until April to start at the beginning of the tax year which gives me longer to knit more items etc. I did phone the tax people who said I could only register once my website was up and running live and I was actually trading so will be filling in the online forms when it goes live in April.

I am busy looking to do fairs at the moment both craft and also am thinking of trying to do a local vintage fair that includes craft stalls too. Its a busy market for the vintage fair so am looking into it and will let you know how I'm getting on.

I went to the Knitting and Craft Show at Event City the other week near the Trafford Centre. Although there were only a few knitting stalls it was a lovely show and busy. I found a lovely company who I may use to source my yarns from called woolyknit as they are a company who deal in british wool yarns.

I have also been busy having labels made for packaging, ordering tissue paper and am now looking at boxes for the babywear etc. to be packaged in and some bags. The colour theme I decided on what black and gold so labels are gold with black lettering the boxes I hope will be black with gold ribbon and the bags I hope will be black. Its all so very time consuming but amazing at what you find out and some places like to wool people do trade prices. I know this sounds silly but didn't even think of asking for trade prices it was only that I mentioned starting a business and what I was doing so first lesson I have learned is get your business head on when buying yarn not my old hobby head lol. I've also been buying books for my accounting and plenty of pens and probably will need lots of correction fluid for the mistakes lol!!. So all in all have been really busy. Finding that I have to prioritise time for paperwork, researching etc. and time for knitting and networking. I'm really enjoying setting everything up and although nervous can't wait for April to launch the website. Sometime inbetween all this I want to learn to crochet too. I will show some piccies soon of new items ready for the website in April when I have finished them off.

See you soon.

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