Monday, 30 August 2010

Always check before you buy

Well I am of course referring to buying buttons for my little romper sailor suit that I have finished knitting. I actually finished it a few days ago but due to the above i.e. not checking when I bought the buttons I bought 10 when actually I needed 11. Not a problem I thought as I bought them from my local village shop and they don't sell that many so went back on Saturday to buy the one I needed and yes they had sold out!!! but the lady very kindly said that she would try and get some more in so the dilemma now is as I have already sewn on the buttons for the back opening if she can't get any more what do I do for the bottom buttons - will have to panic when it comes to it. Unfortunately I can't take the buttons off that I have already sewn on as they are very well sewn on if you know what I mean and I probably would end up ruining the baby grow. So fingers crossed that she can get some more this week. If not I can feel a design feature coming on lol!!

So to keep you amused I have instead uploaded some pictures of mine and hubby's day out yesterday. He had seen advertised a transport and aviation fair at Manchester Airport and as its not too far from us he wanted to go with me in tow (payback for all the craft fairs I've taken him to lol). It was absolutely throwing it down when we arrived - I mean Noah would seriously have been in his ark. Anyway we parked the car and waded to the fair. It was at the viewing point and in a hanger that has concorde in it. The stalls were all under the wings of concorde. I actually quite enjoyed the fair and then we went to the viewing points to look at the planes. Hubby had his binoculars and camera and looked the part and I had my bored face. Well I stuck it for a couple of hours and then made my excuses - back was aching- and went back to sit in the car. I bet you are thinking its boring to sit in the car while hubby is viewing planes well nope as I had stashed my knitting bag in the car just in case. So hubby was happy viewing the planes as the sunshine came out and I was happy merrily knitting away in the car and no-one who was passing even gave me a second glance. I even managed to nearly finish a knitted sailor dress I had started as hubby didn't come back to the car until hm hm gone 7pm.

Anyway it turned out to be a lovely afternoon for the sunshine and I saw a few planes but most importantly got loads of knitting done in the sunshine and in public.

So here are some of the hundreds of pictures he took and I do mean hundreds. In fact I said that anytime he wants I will take him and he can stay for the day and I will pick him up later - much later lol!!

See you soon.

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