Friday, 9 October 2015

Is it nearly Christmas Yet? lol

Well its getting to that time of year.  The summer has sadly disappeared and the chill of the autumn mornings can be felt in the air and then the clocks change this weekend I think, never really sure to be honest, now do they go back or forward? hmmmm.  

I'm now in Christmas mode and making decorations and some reindeer, tree decorations and I'm going to start some bunting soon.  I must do some for myself although not sure whether I will have time this year.  

There are lots of exciting things going on at Oodles Towers at the moment and I have a feeling next year will be a good year with lots of new opportunities both workwise and homewise, can't really say at the moment but I'm sure I'll be writing it here when things happen and hopefully I'll be going to a few shows.  Haven't been to any this year and I have missed them so much.

The two little terrors are keeping me on my toes and my heart in my mouth. Their latest tricks being walking the curtain rails, sitting on the top of open doors, sliding down my stair bannister (don't ask) lol.  Gismo seems to have a fettish for shopping bags and rubbish bags?  which she has to inspect before any can be moved and smokey has a fetish for wool and material which can make crafting a little tricky.  Many a day I will be walking around the house and suddenly come across a ball of wool.  Gizmo does like to help me read my knitting patterns by sitting at the side of my book deckchair reading through her eyelids zzzzzzz while smokey likes to help me sew my beads on my baby sets (he actually picks them up in their little bag and runs off with them in his mouth with me chasing which is his idea of helping lol).

It amazes me how time flies and how life changes suddenly, soon it will be halloween, bonfire night and then my birthday.  Its the big 50 this year still feel 25 on the inside but on the outside I'm decomposing lol, hair colours now out of a bottle and everything else is going south.  I still have my own teeth though lol.  I think its only about 10 weeks to Christmas.  Its going to be a really quiet one this year as most of my family aren't here anymore.  We usually went down to Berkshire to my mother-in-laws but she passed away suddenly earlier this year so I know it will be a hard time for hubby, especially as it used to be her birthday on Christmas eve too.  Still I'll try and take his mind off things with plenty of food goodies.  I think a bit of home baking is called for.  Home made mince pies, cakes, big turkey dinner mmmmm lovely.  Mouths watering already and theres also the terrible tv to look forward to ha ha.

On no I'm going to have to go now as the kitties are attacking my keyboard, yes they also love computing ........  See you soon. x


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