Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New knitwear and felty things.....

So at least it has not been a year since I last posted so I am improving just.  I've been busy knitting baby sets once again and also been hard at work making felt christmas decorations.  

I didn't use to sew in felt but I discovered it watching the old create and craft channel and tried it and find it very therapeutic and enjoyable plus the felt doesn't fray which is always a bonus.  I've done mainly santa stockings and snowmen at the moment but am going to be doing gingerbread people and xmas trees later today.

I've also be doing lavender houses in all different colour combinations.  I love making these little houses with their windows and doors and I fill them with polyester stuffing and some french lavender.  They smell lovely.

I've also been busy sewing up the knitted sets I have been doing too.  I don't know about any of you knitters out there but I just hate the sewing up bit.  It seems to take so long and I am a bit particular so is sometimes fiddly but its a job that has to be done.  

I have these sets up for sale at the moment.  If you are ever interested in anything I blog about please feel free to contact me on facebook at and I will be only too glad to help.  I have four sets for sale at the moment and another four to sew up along with finishing my xmas felt deccies so its all go as they say. 

Once I've finished sewing up then I will be starting on some machine sewing.  Still haven't taken piccies of my machine yet but I will ..... eventually lol.  I want to design a craft bag that has loads of pockets for bits and bobs plus is square so can store lots of material or wool etc., but something that stands up on its own but you can fold down so that it can be washed as it will be made of cotton material and will have handles.  I have an idea but am working on the design, might take a while though, I just want it to be useful.

I was watching Debbie Shore on Create and Craft the other week and she has a new book out Half Yard Home.  Its a great book with lots of useful items in.  As it was my birthday the other week I decided to buy a little birthday pressie to myself so bought one and it was signed by Debbie too.  I also have her book Half Yard Heaven which I love too.  Great for ideas and a lovely book just for pleasure to read.  I love Debbies books and she does lots of tutorials on You Tube. You don't have to follow complicated patterns.  Its mainly measuring squares etc.  and she explains everything in plain english and not complicated sewing terms that I may know what they are but not what they are called if you know what I mean.

So thinking towards Christmas is my next thing I guess.  I suppose its on everyone's mind now as the Xmas adverts are on tv etc.  I can't put up my tree this year as I don't have room at the moment as the front room is also my work room temporarily but then there are only adults in the house so we aren't so bothered.  I think xmas is more for the kids anyway but still am looking forward to it.  All the movies and the boring tv lol.  Lovely xmas dinner and choccies and mince pies and cakes.  Ooops think I've just put on weight thinking about it.  Don't know what to get hubby this year, he's so difficult to buy for and my mum in law so will have to get my thinking hat on.

So until next time tatty bye.

Caroline. x

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