Friday, 25 October 2013

How Long?

So when I saw the date of April for my last post that's exactly what I thought.  How Long?.  I've been so neglectful about my blog I'm surprised its even talking to me lol.  Lots has been happening since and I've been to a few shows of  late.  Such a lot I can't remember everything but here goes.  I've been to a few shows one being the British Wool Weekend in Harrogate earlier this year.  It was a lovely show with sheep shearing and producers and sellers of British Wool.  I really enjoyed it and would recommend it for anyone going next year.  It was a bit quiet but that made it ideal for talking to stand holders and for looking at the stands although I think the sellers would have preferred it a bit busier.  There were also some alpacas there too and the are had plenty of cafe seating and toilet facilities.  Great day out.  Here are a few piccies.

The kit I bought above was from juey who has been on Create and Craft.  Its for a rosie bunny which I've just finished knitting and am in the process of finishing up so piccies of the bunny will follow in my next post.  Hopefully you wont have to wait another half year lol.

I've also been to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Manchester's Event City at the beginning of September.  Actually I won the tickets to the show which was brilliant and saved me loads so the show was a plus as a start and its only down the road from me.  This show is always busy and was a good show too.  Lots of temptation as usual an a bought a few bits and bobs - well its rude not to isn't it.  I also met Corrine Lapierre (sorry if I've spelt it wrong) from Create and Craft too.  She was showing her felt figures and was showing us how to sew one of  her bird kits up.  A lovely lady and I much enjoyed the talk.  So here's some piccies of Manchester.  Would well recommend this show to as its has lots of different crafts, cross stitch, card making, knitting, jewellery etc. Good mix.

Now I don't want you all thinking all I ever do is go to knitting and hobbycraft shows but I also went to Yarndale in Skipton this year too.  It was the first one and was at the end of  September.  It was extremely busy and I mean extremely busy but very enjoyable and had a great mix of  companies both small and large from independents to Laxtons Mills and Rowan and Lucy from the blog Attic 24 was there as she was part of the group that organised the show.  It was such a lovely day.  Hubby and I took a picnic and sat in the sunshine drinking out of wine glasses (pop lol) as we were driving and had our lunch.  A great day and I will definitely be going to this one next year and a decent entry price too of £5 only.  Parking was a bit difficult as I don't think it would be so busy and the food queues were horrendous but we had come prepared so were ok.  And as usual I just had to try some of the goodies.  I bought some drops alpaca ooh scrumptious and soft to the touch and some pure wool, some lovely handmade buttons, some 4mm Knit Pro Needles - love these etc.  I put etc. as I went a little mad but not as mad as I could have.  Advice if you think  of going next year take out a bank loan or remortgage first lol.  I could have spent thousands.  There were also some angora rabbits there and some more alpacas who were getting quite verbal.  Not quite sure what they were saying but I think it was somewhere along the lines of  go away lol.  

So I think thats enough of the shows for now.  I am thinking of going to Harrogate Knitting show at the end of  November but it is rather expensive entry is £15 on the day which makes it £30 for me and hubby plus petrol so may have to think about that one although it is near my birthday and is usually a really good show too.  

On the actual knitting front I haven't stopped.  I've been doing some commissions and trying out some designs for kits which I will show and will then go on the website.  As you are probably all yawning by now I will bid you farewell till next time.  Hopefully my time will improve in between posts well surely it cant get any worse?

See you soon.

Caroline xx