Sunday, 9 October 2011

Debbie Bliss

Last week I went to see Debbie Bliss who was doing a book signing at The Black Sheep Craft Barn in Warrington. As its not too far away from me I decided to go as I have never met her before. Its not often you get to meet people you see in the magazines and books and the people behind the wools and yarns.

What a lovely lady. She spoke to me for ages and described the yarns and had some samples to touch and look at and try on. As I am a larger size I thought as all us larger girls do well they look very nice but no thanks I won't try them on as I know you don't do it in my size. Anyway after some persuasion I tried on a 34 inch bust shrug and it fitted. Believe me I am a plus plus size so couldn't believe it and the shaping was great. Actually Debbie was explaining to me that although the sizes in the book say 34 bust etc. when you see the actual measurements you soon realise that the shrug although oversized on a 34 bust will fit a larger size but as a fitted garment.
Well there was no stopping me I was like a kid in a sweet shop by then trying on quite a few clothes, a couple of jumpers and cardigans all of which fitted and the shaping was great. I would probably need to go up one size in a couple but Debbie opened my eyes at looking at the patterns. She was so lovely to talk to and so was her daughter who was also with her. I ended up deciding to treat myself for once to a book to knit myself a jacket now just need to save up for the wool although not cheap is beautiful and will last and because of the shaping of the pattern if I do lose weight then it will just go back to being oversized well I say if don't hold your breath although I have lost 2 stone in the last few months. Not really trying it just disappeared somewhere along the line.

If you are ever in the area you should try going along to The Black Sheep Craft Barn in Warrington its a great place with wools, needles, accessories, cross stitch. Loads of yarns and I mean loads of yarns to cater for all pockets. The staff a lovely too. They usually doe some of the knitting and stitching exhibitions around the country so you may see them at these.

See you soon.