Sunday, 12 June 2011

My latest creation

Well its been a while again. Its been a really busy time and I just haven't stopped knitting. First of all I have applied for four craft fairs this year, two I have been picked for and the other two I am just waiting to hear. I can't wait as I haven't done a craft fair before with my knitting. I hope it goes down well. Since I found out though I have been knitting like mad as it takes a while for the baby sets so although I have a few weeks it isn't really that much time. Still I will put the details of where they are nearer the time and will take some piccies and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Someone saw the bunny suit all in one that I had knitted and asked if I could knit them a suit but like a sleeping bag and not bunny ears but with bear ears and in a blue/grey colour. I finally found a good colour at a knitting shop which was like a goldmine once I had found it. It turns out that its run by the wife of one of the local market traders that I have known for years where I buy lots of my buttons. Anyway they wanted the pattern slightly different from the one they showed me on the internet so I had to alter, not done too much altering of a pattern before especially as this was all cabled but just crossed my fingers and got the calculator out!! Anyway it turned out ok and I was pleased that the button band did actually meet and the pattern matched on both sides. So heres a picture and the suit in question will soon be on its way to its new owner (who hasn't been born yet).

I am knitting more tea pot covers and cushion covers and lots more baby hats so the needles will be clicking late into the night for some time I think.

I was thinking of going to some car boots but every sunday it seems to rain. How does that work I wonder its nice through the week when you are working and then rains at the weekend when you are off. Still I could have gone to the X Factor auditions in manchester this weekend instead as it was raining but I didn't want to put the judges through the pain lol.

The gardens growing well now with lovely foxgloves that my husband has seeded and planted they are a treat. I'll have to take some pictures to show you. He's very proud of his plants a gardener in the making I think. I'm more a look at it gardener than a get stuck in gardener. I like to sit in the garden but not weed it lol!!

Well time to make lunch and do some cleaning and then back to knitting. Hubby is becoming a knitting widower I think.

See you soon.